Sign-Up Genius Tips

Sign Up Genius (  is truly your friend when needing to have people sign up for activities.  It sends reminders to those signed up, you can import events you have signed into your personal calendar, and you can easily communicate updates about your event, etc.

Here are some tips and tricks when using SUG that I thought I’d share.

Use a Group to manage all the members/people you want to send your sign up to.  It’s nice to set this up at the beginning of the year once you receive your class list.

To populate your group, use the Import From My Provider feature.

1. Click on Groups (Left hand menu)
2. Click Add New Group – enter group name
3. Click Add Members – select the choice to “Import emails from my provider”
4. Click on the CSV icon
5. Click the link to download a blank CSV template.
6. Open the CSV template and populate the CSV with First Name, Last Name, and email from the email list sent to you for your classroom.
7. Save the file as a .csv file.
8. Upload the CSV vile attached and voila – all your contacts are in that group.
Happy Room Parenting!