Room Parents

Room Parents make great things happen!

  • You make kids happy:  Kids enjoy class parties, explore their community during enriching field trips, collaborate on projects such as the Harvest Festival scarecrows and spring Tri-School Auction class art projects…all thanks to room parents and parent volunteers.
  • You make teachers happy:  Teachers and aides feel appreciated when you help in their classrooms and recognize their efforts through your class gifts during the year.
  • The school raises money:  The class scarecrows and class Tri-School Auction art projects add needed funds to the Tri-School fund, which supports our classrooms.

Room Parent Responsibilities for each room parent are provided by the Room Parent Coordinator and the outset of the year.  This is a great volunteer position for parents not able to be physically on campus as it’s mostly email based.

Room Parent Lead: Sarah Puckett,

Please e-mail if you are interested in being a room parent!

K, Quintella – Becky Ackerman
K, Stephens – Candida Bell
and Lin He Jiang
1, Estrada – Lisa Shah and Ashley Stevanovic
1, Rinehart – Marisa Strong
2, Schreiber/Rosenbaum – Susan Fizzell and Jessica Hutchison
2, Snyder – Kim Fisher
3, Ford – Melissa Wilk
3, Lasky/Wong – Chiaty Shrieve and Jennifer Yun
4, Wighton – Kristen Harknett and Valerie Villanueva
4, Spencer – Leila Reis
4, Bomberg – Linh Becker
5, Medress/Sprague – Cindy Wire and Elizabeth Shook
5, Valva – Anne Marie Miguel and Tammeil Gilkerson
5, Heppner – Sharon Sagiv and Hope Salzer

Sample Room Parent Page

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