Room Parents

Room Parents make great things happen!

  • You make teachers happy:  Teachers and aides feel appreciated when you help in their classrooms and recognize their efforts through your class gifts during the year.
  • You make kids happy:  Kids enjoy class parties, explore their community during enriching field trips, collaborate on projects such as the Harvest Festival scarecrows and spring Tri-School Auction class art projects…all thanks to room parents and parent volunteers.
  • The school raises money:  The class scarecrows and class Tri-School Auction art projects add needed funds to the Tri-School fund, which supports our classrooms.

Room Parent Responsibilities for each room parent are provided by the Room Parent Coordinator and the outset of the year.  This is a great volunteer position for parents not able to be physically on campus as it’s mostly email based.

Please contact the Room Parent Coordinator if you are interested in being a room parent or for more information!

Grade Teacher
Kindergarten Pam Quintella
Kindergarten Claire Stephens
First Grade Martina Heppner
First Grade Melina Rinehart
Second Grade Ali Martinez
Second Grade Megan Snyder
Third Grade Alaleh Ford
Third Grade Jaimie Lasky
Third Grade Emily Wong
Fourth Grade Diane Bomberg
Fourth Grade Lesley Wighton
Fifth Grade Tammy Medress
Fifth Grade Ben Spencer
Fifth Grade Jessica Sprague

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Sample Room Parent Page

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