President’s Blog

by Nicole Taylor, BPO President 2014-15

June 2, 2015

Last night there was a successful and peaceful transfer of presidential power to Sarah Puckett, our new BPO president. A big thanks to the Pucketts for opening their lovely home to us for the final BPO meeting of the school year. BPO and the Beach community are in good hands with Sarah at the helm.

I took a moment last night to reflect on some of the accomplishments of BPO this past year. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Welcomed a new principal
  • Purchased chrome books for a 1:1 ratio in 4th and 5th grades and 3:1 in 3rd grade
  • Funded additional technology instruction and support
  • Funded additional support for math differentiation
  • Moved all donations to the online registration site
  • Completed installation of a tile mural
  • Landscaped the lunch area and planned for a shade structure to be installed this summer
  • Added another book fair to raise money for our library
  • Successfully moved Camp Arroyo to a weekend, trischool activity
  • Supported the merger of APCP and PEF

These accomplishments would not have happened without the countless hours and financial contributions that you all have given to this community. I am grateful for everything that each one of you has done to make this another successful year.

I’ll see you at the back to school coffee hour on the first day of school. In the meantime, have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

June 27, 2014

Memo Regarding New Principal IMG_0433-001

Dear Beach Parents and Community Members:

It is with grateful hearts that we officially bid farewell to Principal Julie Valdez. She has continued the legacy of strong administrators at Beach and her contributions are surely appreciated. Under her leadership, we have remodeled our school, begun the adoption of the Common Core Standards, and created a warm and powerful learning environment that has helped establish Beach as one of the best schools in the Bay Area.

Saying goodbye to a valued, trusted, and respected part of our community may be difficult. However, thanks to the search process that was utilized, the quality of the candidates, the staff’s advocacy on behalf of students, and the Superintendent’s leadership, we are able to confidently welcome a principal that we feel will be a great fit for Beach, and that its stakeholders will come to know and love.

Superintendent Hubbard and the School Board have decided to bring Michael Corritone into our community to work alongside our dedicated teachers and staff. The BPO representatives are in full support of the selection of Mr. Corritone and welcome him to our amazing school.

We felt it worthwhile to share just a few of the traits we noted in Mr. Corritone:

·         Experience leading a staff through the emotional and technical challenges of preparing for the shift to Common Core

·         Emphasis on physical, emotional, and intellectual safety

·         Experience leading a school towards recognized excellence

·         Educational and professional background providing deep understanding of neurological differences

·         Textured understanding of delivering quality feedback and closing communication loops with all stakeholders.

·         Commitment to use student data to inform decisions, programs, feedback to teachers, and instruction

·         Calm demeanor

·         Communication style which will allow him to manage politics and apply a child-centered approach to prioritization

·         Experience in elementary and middle school, giving him an understanding of how to prepare Beach students for the next stage of their academic journey

We look forward to introducing him to you at the start of school.


Liz Fitzgerald, Dion Lim, Nicole Taylor and Jabbar Weaver

BPO Interview Committee Representatives

by Bryan Cantrill, BPO President 2013-14

Happy New Year!

We’ll get to 2014, but first some unfinished business from 2013: the Giving Campaign is now in its homestretch, and 63.5% of Beach families have participated. For those keeping score at home, this remains neck-and-neck with Havens (63.8% participation), but trails Wildwood (69.4%). Our goal remains 100%, so if you haven’t given, now’s the time! (And by now I mean right now — as you’re reading this.) So whip out that wallet and head over to — and know that you’ve done your part to get Beach to 100% participation! And remember that any dollar figure is welcome: our emphasis is on participation!

Now, onto 2014: We will be meeting on Monday, January 13th at 7pm in the Beach
Library. Beyond our usual BPO business, we will have the three candidates for school board present to take your questions. The election is just around the corner, so now is the time to meet the candidates, hear their positions, and directly ask them about issues important to you. If you can’t make the meeting and still want to learn more about the candidates, check out their websites:

In addition to the school board candidates, we have also invited the candidates for City Council to attend this meeting. While the City Council election isn’t contended (there are three candidates for three spots), this is nonetheless an excellent opportunity to meet and hear directly from the candidates. Hopefully you can join us on Monday night!

While it may be only January, Spring Fling is just around the corner! If you haven’t marked the date, the main event is the evening of Friday, April 25th. A vital component of Spring Fling is the annual Art Night hosted on Wednesday, March 12th. Each class from each school will have a chance to show their creative side and auction off class projects to help raise funds, but we need volunteers from each class to make this a success! If interested, or need some inspiration, please contact the Spring Fling chair Jennifer Rego,

And as long as you’re booking a sitter for 2014, be sure to block off January 31st: the Beach Battle of the Bands is coming, and it will be a night not to be missed in Baja.

~ Bryan Cantrill

November 20, 2013
With the first real rain of the year, we know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner — and what better way to recover from having the kids home from school for nine straight days than with a BPO meeting?

Our December BPO meeting will be immediately following the Thanksgiving break on Monday, December 2nd, and as is our Beach tradition, it will serve as our holiday party: it will be at my house (25 Cambridge Way), and we’ll have thirty minutes or so of socializing starting at 7pm. Feel welcome (but certainly not obligated!) to bring a dessert or appetizer — or Thanksgiving leftovers! If you’ve been biding your time to attend a BPO meeting, and you value a meeting based on the amount and quality of free food served, the December meeting is your time to pounce! Have a great Thanksgiving, and look forward to seeing everyone in December!

August 13, 2013

We are but a week away from the start of school, and we’re looking forward to an awesome 2013-2014 at Beach! As you may recall, 2013 is Beach’s one hundred year anniversary, and our centennial committee of Dion, Sarah, Jon, and Amy has already been hard at work developing a seal, pictured here, to be used over the course of the year to remind us what we’re celebrating: one hundred years of an engaged, vibrant and nurturing Beach community!

As in past years, this year’s Back to School coffee will be on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 21st — which is to say, next Wednesday! You can find this and all BPO events on the BPO calendar! You may recall that last year we had to have the event outside due to the unfinished state of the auditorium, but this year, we’re going to be back in our new(ish) auditorium, din and all. See you soon!

Thoughts from 2012-2013

by Jen Wilson, BPO President 2012-13

May 15, 2013


Many thanks to everyone who came out for last week’s BPO meeting. We had a full agenda, but in the process we approved the 2013-2014 BPO budget, voted in next year’s BPO slate and had some important conversations around hot lunch next year. Congratulations to Bryan Cantrill, incoming BPO President and Nicole Taylor, incoming vice president, for taking over the leadership for next year!

In addition, we had a live demonstration of this brand new BPO website, which is just awesome! There is an incredible amount of useful and timely information on the site, and tons of great photos that show off the school and all that goes on there. In the future this  website should be your first stop for information about everything related to BPO activities, a school calendar of activities, school fundraising, BPO meetings, After School Enrichment and more.

This has been over 9 months in the making from a very dedicated, talented and thoughtful group of parents, including Julie Barton, Dion Lim, Jon Schleuning and Marisa Strong. Many thanks to David Miller too for his help editing the site, and to several Beach parent photographers who contributed their photos. And I’d like to thank Julie Valdez for being consistently supportive and excited about this project, and for helping act as intermediary with the district.

May 1, 2013

The entire Spring Fling committee, and especially our Beach co-chairs Erin Day and Sarah Meyjes, should feel like popping some bubbly after such a fantastically successful Pop Up party on Saturday night. It was a really fun and lively event, and the cool location in the red hot art murmur district was a great choice. Spring Fling is an annual tradition that is the second largest fundraiser for the three elementary sc

hools, and it is a massive effort across all grade level parents and all three schools. Nancy Steimle and Frannie Cooley, the co-chairs for the entire event, deserve special recognition for a truly first-rate fundraiser and party. Thank you all!

Hot lunch. Do you kids enjoy it? Do you enjoy the days when it means you don’t have to pack their lunches? Well we are at a critical point in the year where we need to find one or more people wiling to take the lead to run this very important money-maker and service for Beach parents and the school. Our contract with Choicelunch, our hot lunch service provider, is also up for renewal. Unless we find a leadership team for this program we will not be able to renew the contract or offer this service at our school. Hot lunch has been one of the most stable and successful fundraisers for our school, and will net the Beach Parents’ Organization about $25,000 this year! We have enjoyed the incredible talents of Lani Malicdem, along with Nagisa Yamamoto and Marie Saldanha for the past few years, running the program. But it is time for them to pass the baton to another parent or group of parents who value this service and want to continue this fundraiser. If you are willing to take this on, or go in together with a partner to manage this program, please let me or Bryan Cantrill know as soon as possible. You may also contact Lani if you have questions about what it entails. Thank you!

Last Friday was our 3rd and final lice check for the year. Thank you very much to Teermatie Taylor for overseeing this program this year. On behalf of BPO, thank you too to all the parents who contributed $5 at the beginning of the year to allow us to hire a professional service to perform these checks. Here’s to being lice-free for good, Beach!

Just a reminder: next Monday, May 6th, is our 2nd to last BPO meeting for the year and will take place at 7pm in the library. We will cover a lot of important things, from unveiling the new Beach school and BPO websites, to seeing the slate of officers and chairs for next year’s BPO and approving our budget for next year as well. Please join us and see what the upcoming year will provide.

April 23, 2013

I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. I just checked, and there are only 35 days of school left this year, and only one non-school day between now and summer break–wow. I hope to see many of you at Spring Fling on Saturday!

Bryan Cantrill

I’m happy to report that Bryan Cantrill, your incoming BPO President, has nearly filled the slate for next year. We still have room for you in it though, so please let him know that you’re ready to help. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your fellow parents and contribute to the school!

The next BPO meeting is on May 6th and it will be action packed! Or at least information packed. We will be voting on the slate for next year’s BPO–come find out who your new parent leaders are! We will also be voting on the 2013-2014 budget so if you want to find out where the $370,000+ that BPO raises comes from, and how it is spent, this is your chance. And perhaps most exciting of all, we will have a live demonstration of the brand new BPO website and Beach School website! You will want to get familiar with these two sites because they will become important tools for parents as more and more information about what’s going on at Beach is available online. Don’t miss this one! May 6th, 7pm in the Beach School Library. We have a pint-sized seat waiting for you!

April 3, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended our BPO meeting Monday night. We have just two BPO meetings to go before the end of the year, and there are still many things that will be happening between now and then so please join us at the next one.

There are still open positions for next year’s BPO slate. Please contact BPO VP Bryan Cantrill to find out how you can lend your talents to Beach School next year!

The week after next is Spring Break week, and I just want to put in a friendly reminder that if you plan to extend your vacation beyond the week, please consider either making a donation to the school in the amount that the district loses each day when your child is absent ($30) or if possible, have them attend for some part of the school day–which will count toward their attendance. Previously, district-wide daily attendance was 98%, and it has dropped to 96% currently, which translates to between $100,000 and $200,000 in lost state revenue to the district each year.

March 27, 2013

I hope you all had a chance to see the impressive display of talent that is the Beach Revue this past weekend. The kids did a fantastic job singing, dancing and acting their way through a very entertaining show. Parents who were instrumental to the Revue–and there are too many to name individually–committed dozens, possibly hundreds of hours to making it a truly wonderful performance. Congratulations and thank you to all the directors, costumers, set creators, musicians, task masters, money handlers, stage hands and helpers who made it possible for three sellout performances!

This Monday is our next BPO meeting, at 7pm in the library. Everyone is always welcome and I look forward to seeing you there. Come hear about what’s going on at Beach School!

It’s also time to start putting together the BPO budget for next year, so if you head up an activity or volunteer area with revenue and/or expenses associated with it, I would love your help in making educated projections for the 13-14 school year.

March 20, 2013

It’s prime recruiting time for the BPO, so if you would like to be involved with the Beach Parents Organization next year, now is the time to speak up. BPO Vice President Bryan Cantrill has the mighty task of putting together the BPO slate for next year, which is comprised of 44 different positions/activity areas and 60-odd parents, so we need everyone to do what they can! Remember, a strong parents organization is what allows us to offer our students science, library, math and reading enrichment, art and a lot more. You can reach Bryan at Even if you don’t know what you want to do yet, he can find the perfect job for you! And thank you to everyone who has already stepped forward to help next year. You are the best!

Don’t forget to sign up for the APCP Summer Enrichment classes! There are a variety of classes for kids at all grade levels, and the classes are taught by PUSD teachers. This is a high quality, fun alternative to summer school and a collaborative effort between the PUSD and the Associated Parents Clubs of Piedmont. Classes run June 17-July 12. For more information go to:

March 6, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out for Monday’s BPO meeting. We had a good discussion about our hot lunch program and what we might want to do differently in the future. We also voted to donate sufficient funds from the BPO budget to help cover the cost of buying back two furlough days from the 2013-2014 school year. To date, each of the parent boards at the 6 schools that have taken a vote on this issue have approved it. What this means is that the academic calendar for the 2013-2014 will once again have 180 instructional (school) days. Thank you for helping put our BPO monies where they have the most impact–instructional time!

Were you seeing purple yesterday? I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Jonathan Davis and the entire Measure A team for successfully passing the School Support Tax with 77% support by the voters! This is an enormous accomplishment and means that our schools will continue to be supported by this tax for the next 8 years. Thank you to everyone who voted Yes on Measure A–it represents approximately one third of our District’s budget!

Do you walk your kids to school? If yes, please consider writing a letter in support of Piedmont’s grant proposal to develop a Bike and Pedestrian Plan with a Safe Routes to School component. How could your child’s route to school be made safer?  If we receive this grant, consultants will be hired to figure out where best to put bike and pedestrian safety improvements, as well as to design public education campaigns. Send letters to Kate Black at

We’re building the slate for next year’s BPO! If you are interested in taking on a volunteer position next year, or would like to continue the position you hold now, please let incoming BPO president Bryan Cantrill know. You can reach Bryan at It’s a great way to get to know people and learn more about how our school works!

February 27, 2013

I always knew we had a very talented group of parents at Beach School, but now we can say we have Oscar-level talent! Congratulations to Mark Andrews for winning the Best Animated Feature Oscar on Sunday night. It was wonderful to see you take the stage, and I thought the movie was well deserving! And thanks in part to the talents of your wife, many of our Beach students will be taking the stage for another delightful Beach Revue in just a few weeks’ time. Thank you to Patricia Andrews, Steve Mills, Zoe Maduros and Karen Tellegen for once again directing Beach Revue this year!

This coming Monday, March 4th is our next BPO meeting at 7pm in the library. I hope you will join us as we discuss helping fund furlough days for next school year so that we can restore our year to a full 180 student days again!

Mark your calendars: next Tuesday, March 5th is the day to vote for MEASURE A! At the last BPO meeting we voted as a board to support this extremely important school support tax that represents approximately 30% of our entire school district’s budget. We need every parent with children in Piedmont schools to support this tax, if possible, or the school district will face very drastic cuts. Want to help? Here are some ways:

  • Monday March 4th: Get Out the Vote phone bank at Highland Partners, 5:30-8:30pm. Please RSVP to Carol Menz: anytime between now and March 4. Can’t commit to an RSVP? Just come on by Monday evening – you will be welcomed!
  • Tuesday, March 5th: 8am to 8pm at Karen Hawkin’s House, 213 Mountain Av.
  • We will be calling every supporter, reminding them to go to the polls.
  • We need a lot of people to call voters.
  • We will need Precinct Captains to periodically go to the polls throughout the day to check the voter rolls & report back to GOTV headquarters.

We will need volunteers to meet & greet the public at each school site to remind people to vote and give away our voter handout. Please RSVP to Katie Korotzer: or Jonathan Davis: anytime between now and March 5.  Can’t commit to an RSVP? Just come on by anytime on Tuesday, March 5 – you will be welcomed

February 13, 2013

The online directory is now live! If you joined BPO at the beginning of the year, then your membership dues allow you to access it. The URL is and the username and password you will use to log in will be the same ones you used at the beginning of the school year to register your student(s). If you have forgotten either of those, then the Fundraising Office can help you. Call 653-1816 or email

APCP Summer Enrichment classes are coming soon! Registration will be opening this month and the offerings include Mandarin and Spanish, introductory music classes, GATE math, reading workshop, solar car building and a lot more.

February 6, 2013

The online directory is now live! If you joined BPO at the beginning of the year, then your membership dues allow you to access it. The URL is and the username and password you will use to log in will be the same ones you used at the beginning of the school year to register your student(s). If you have forgotten either of those, then the Fundraising Office can help you. Call 653-1816 or email

APCP Summer Enrichment classes are coming soon! Registration will be opening this month and the offerings include Mandarin and Spanish, introductory music classes, GATE math, reading workshop, solar car building and a lot more.

January 30, 2013

Curious about what the new Beach School website and BPO website are going to look like? Please come to the next BPO meeting to find out. The website committee will be giving a demonstration and they have been hard at work on these sites since August. Our next meeting is this Monday, February 4th at 7pm in the Library. PUSD Superintendent Connie Hubbard will also be there to talk about safety and security on our school campuses, so please consider attending!

Thank you to Julia Rechter and the many parent volunteers who have organized, cooked and baked for the teacher appreciation lunches–you are making our school a happier place! And while I’m on the subject of thanks, I want to say thank you to Kate Gaillard for putting together another excellent roster of After School Enrichment classes this semester! Have you seen the garden lately? Things are sprouting up all over. Thank you to Teresa Satue and all the many parents who have helped get our garden program growing!

January 23, 2013

Curious about what the new Beach School website and BPO website are going to look like? Please come to the next BPO meeting to find out. The website committee will be giving a demonstration and they have been hard at work on it since August. Our next meeting is Monday, February 4th at 7pm in the Library.

If you are interested in hearing from PUSD Superintendent Connie Hubbard about safety and security at our school campuses, please consider attending the next BPO meeting. She will be there to talk to parents and answer questions. Mark Monday, February 4th at 7pm in your calendars!

Keep your eyes out for the APCP Summer Enrichment Program schedule! Every year the Associated Parents Clubs offer a series of 2-week classes for the first four weeks of summer in a variety of subjects, and word is that they may be offering language classes this summer! More information to come in the Portal Newsletter or in this bulletin.

Thank you once again to Teermatie Taylor for overseeing another very efficient and smooth lice check! This is an important service that will help us all stay lice-free and thanks to all the parents who helped offset the costs for this professional service by donating at the start of school through their room parents.

Would you like to get a Beach School t-shirt or hoodie? We can get you one! To order, please contact George White at

January 9, 2013

Thank you very much to those parents who attended Monday’s BPO meeting and heard Julie Valdez’s overview of the Beach School curriculum, general and special education programs and safety and security procedures. Thanks too to Julie for putting together the presentation and taking numerous questions. If you weren’t able to attend and would like to ask Julie a question, she is always interested in hearing from you in person, by phone, email or text. You are also welcome to address any concerns or questions you have to me at

Would you like a Beach t-shirt or hoodie? Many different sizes are available. Contact George White at if you’d like one.

The School Support Tax (formerly known as the parcel tax) is coming up for a vote through the city-wide election on March 5th. This tax provides approximately 31% of the District’s budget and it is critical that it gets passed by Piedmont voters. Beach has a team of parent volunteers who will be leading the effort to get out the vote around town. If you would like to help them, please contact Jonathan Davis at And of course, don’t forget to vote YES for the School Support Tax March 5th!

December 12, 2012

Thank you to all of the families who have supported the Giving Campaign! I’m happy to report that our participation level is now up to 60%, and we would love to see that increase. The end of year is the perfect time to make your tax-deductible gift to support Piedmont Schools!

The After School Enrichment program needs your help! We are looking for 3 committed volunteers who can help continue this very successful and important program next semester. Please contact me if you are interested at

Make a note for your calendars: the first BPO meeting of the new year will be on the Monday that kids go back to school–January 7th, 2013. It will be held at 7pm in the library, and you won’t want to miss hearing Julie Valdez’s “State of the School” report!

Happy holidays everyone and have a restful break.

December 5, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came to Monday’s BPO meeting at my house. It was a festive gathering and we got to hear from two Piedmont Middle School students (and former Beach) about the Learnscape Lunchpark that is being developed at the middle school. If you would like to learn more about it, There will be a meeting in PMS Room 201 tonight, Wednesday, December 5th, at 7pm.

Please support the Giving Campaign in any amount you can! Beach’s participation rate is currently just over 43%, which is the lowest of the 3 elementary schools. Don’t worry about the amount–we want everyone to participate, especially in light of the March 5th School Support Tax vote. The more Beach parents who support the Giving Campaign, the better armed we will be when it comes time to ask non-parent community members to support this tax which annually raises $9 million, or about 30% of our district’s budget, for our schools.

November 28, 2012

Please come to the next BPO meeting, which will be a special holiday gathering at my house next Monday, December 3rd at 7pm. We will have a light agenda, which will give us time to socialize over wine and dessert. If you would like to bring a dessert, savory treat or something to drink, that would be appreciated but everyone is welcome to attend regardless. My address is 104 Latham St. I look forward to seeing you then!

After School Enrichment needs your help! We are looking for a few parents to help oversee the ASE program for next semester’s classes, which begin in February. This is an important fundraising activity for BPO, and a program that many families enjoy. Please consider volunteering your time to ensure this program’s continued success, or ask a friend to help you and go in together to keep this program going. Contact me at if interested or want to learn more. Thank you.

November 14, 2012

Please support the Giving Campaign! Beach’s participation level stands at just 31% as of November 9th. There are 253 families at Beach, which means 174 families have not yet given. The overall goal is 100% parent participation at whatever level you are most comfortable with. You can donate in installments too. Support The Giving Campaign here.

Havens’ new principal, Dr. Cheryl Wozniak, will be the next presenter in the Education Speaker Series on November 29th at 7pm in the PHS Student Center. The title of her talk — Improving Boys’ Reading Motivation Through Time, Choice, and Access to Good Books — reflects her specific interest and background in helping reluctant boys embrace reading, but has meaning and relevance for any parent struggling to help a child with reading issues. This event is FREE and open to all. More information on the Education Speaker Series is available here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

November 7, 2012

If you didn’t make it to the Beach Dad’s Battle of the Bands Part Deux last Friday night, you missed a really good time! Congratulations to the Baja Dads for creating such a fun event and to Kirk Markopolous and his band, Little Fuzzy, for taking home the crown!

We had a very good turnout for the BPO meeting on Monday night, where John Gibbs gave us a great overview of the Beach grounds and garden plan–from where we were to where we are and where we hope to be! The crack team in charge of our website overhaul–Julie Barton, Dion Lim, Jon Schleuning and Marisa Strong also gave us a look at the two websites in development–the BPO site and the Beach School website–and the feedback was very positive. If you have thoughts or ideas on either of the websites, please send them to me. Next month’s meeting will be a more social get-together at my house. Watch this space for more details.

Thank you to all the Book Fair volunteers and especially to the organizers: Jamie Flaherty Evans, Christine Schooley, Vicki Rosenbaum and Karen Dean. Together, we bought a lot of books, and in the process, have helped fill the McHugh Library’s shelves with great new titles.

Please give to the Giving Campaign! Beach is the 2nd to last in terms of participation among all 6 schools in town, and we are behind schedule as far as participation compared to last year. Please give whatever you can and remember that this is our largest fundraiser of the year, and generated over $183,000 to BPO alone last year.

October 31, 2012

Our next BPO meeting is next Monday, November 5th at 7pm in the library. The fantastic website redesign committee will be giving an overview of our new website, and this is your first chance to take a look at it and see what’s in the works. Everyone welcome to attend.

Have you seen the Beach School Edible Garden? It looks incredible! On Sunday dozens of dads, moms and kids came out to help build raised beds from recycled redwood, put in plants in the eco lab garden, mulch, rake and dedicate tons of sweat equity to our school grounds–for 7 hours! There are many people to thank, but I would like to acknowledge Teresa Satué, John Gibbs, Bob Houser, Stephanie Pearson, and Margaret Ovenden for their vision, planning and commitment to our school grounds and garden. Thank you to everyone who participated on Sunday!

Next Tuesday is Election Day, and besides choosing a president we need to vote to help fund public education in California! Please vote YES on Propositions 30 and 38. The PUSD School Board has come out in support of both propositions, and our own BPO membership voted to endorse the School Board’s statement in support of it. If neither passes, our school district stands to lose $440 per student, or $1 million total. Please consider voting yes on both–thanks!

October 24, 2012

The 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands, hosted by the Beach Dads Club and featuring 3 Beach Dad bands, will be held Friday November 2nd at 7pm at Starry Plough. Everyone you ask who went last year had a great time, so please be sure to get your tickets before it’s too late! What better way to support Beach? For tickets go to

Don’t forget to support the Giving Campaign! It is the largest fundraiser for Piedmont Schools each year, and raised approximately $1.6 million last year. Let’s get our participation rate up this year–we were the 2nd highest last year, but let’s go for #1!

Please remember that the white zone on the Linda Avenue side of Beach is only 3 minute parking in the morning for drop off. You are not allowed to park and leave your car, and when you do, it causes other cars to double park on Linda, making it hazardous for our kids getting to schools, and for other drivers who are forced to go around. Please don’t park there in the morning at drop off or in the afternoon at pickup!

October 10, 2012

It was great to see so many new parents at last Wednesday’s New Party Party. I hope those who attended enjoyed hearing from Asst. Superintendent Randy Booker, PMS and PHS teachers, the Giving Campaign co-chairs and Mulberry’s Chad Olcott.

Thank you to our Beach Harvest Festival co-chairs, Anne Marie Miguel, Heather Gonzalez and Tammeil Gilkerson! The event was a success by all measures: attendance, fundraising and community spirit-raising. Preliminary results are in and the tri-school total was $19,500 ($5,000 for scarecrows and $14,500 for the raffle and carnival). This is almost 10% more than 2011!

Once again this year, PUSD and the Associated Parents Clubs of Piedmont (APCP) will be hosting two Flu Shot/Flu Mist Clinics on Oct. 19th and Nov. 9th. The clinics will be from 4-7pm at the PHS Student Center and they are asking for volunteers from 3:30-7:30. More information about the clinics can be found here. If you can help, please contact me at

Not getting the Piedmont Portal enewsletter? This is your way to stay connected to the K-12 and greater Piedmont community. The enewsletter is sent every Wednesday. To subscribe, click here. To post an announcement, click here.

If you haven’t heard about it, PUSD, in collaboration with the APCP, is hosting an education speaker series and the next speaker will be Madeline Levine, author of The Price of Privilege and Teach Your Children Well. Her new book addresses myths about good grades, high test scores and college acceptances. She will appear on October 25th at 7pm at the PHS Alan Harvey Theater. Admission is free.

October 3, 2012

Here is what I would like to include in this week’s BPO message:

Thanks to everyone who attended last Monday’s BPO meeting. We had a very informative discussion of the California state budget, and how Propositions 30 and 38 affect our school funding for this year and beyond. As a Board, we voted unanimously to endorse the School Board Resolution in support of both Props 30 and 38, which can be found on the Piedmont Portal if you would like to read it. It states very clearly the effects of these propositions and how our schools’ funding picture has changed over the last few years, and will change more dramatically if one of these measures doesn’t pass.

I’d also like to ask your help in support of the After School Enrichment Program (ASE). ASE is a significant source of revenue for the BPO, but it requires a lot of parent coordination. Kate Gaillard and Jodi Biskup have been doing a phenomenal job this year, lining up exciting classes and bringing in greater than expected revenue this semester! But they need your help. They are looking for parents who can volunteer one day a week for 1/2 an hour, in order to help get students to and from their after school classes. These positions are

  • Monday onsite ASE class coordinator 3-3:30pm
  • Tuesday onsite ASE class coordinator 3-3:30pm
  • Wednesday onsite ASE class coordinator 1:45-2:15pm
  • Thursday onsite ASE class coordinator 3-3:30pm
  • Friday onsite ASE class coordinator 3:30-pm

If you can help with this, please contact Kate Gaillard at as soon as possible. Our After School Enrichment program won’t be possible without this support. Thank you!

September 24, 2012

Coming home this week are the School Directories. If you joined the BPO online, or by check, then you should receive a copy. If you did not join the BPO and would like a copy, please contact Bryan Cantrill at Membership is $60 per year and along with the printed directory, you will also have access to the new online directory–coming soon. Next BPO meeting coming up Monday! Mark your calendars for Monday, October 1st at 7pm in the library. Everyone welcome and let’s keep up the great attendance we had at the first meeting. I also want to say thanks to Teermatie Taylor for organizing our first school-wide lice check!

Also, for the parent socials, would you take out the ones that have already occurred and please change the text to: There are still three remaining parent socials. Please make a note of them and thank you to all the parents who volunteered to host them!

September 19, 2012

On Sunday we had a Beach School Open House for the community and it was wonderful to see so many neighbors, future Beach school families, past teachers and alumni there. Thanks to the Piedmont Educational Foundation for sponsoring this event and a HUGE thank you to Pedro and the other custodians who helped make the school spotless and clutter-free. The school has never looked better!

September 12, 2012

We had a great turnout for our first BPO meeting of the year, with about 45 parents in attendance! Assistant Superintendent Michael Brady and School Board member Andrea Swenson joined us, and Michael gave an update on the state of the School District budget. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, and I welcome you all to come to the next one, which will be Monday, October 1st at 7pm in the library.

September 15, 2012

It’s time for Parent Socials!

Every year, parents volunteer to host a grade-level adults-only social where parents can get together to meet or get reacquainted, and enjoy some good food and drinks together. Below are the hosts and tentative dates for the socials. Please make a note of them and try to attend!

Kindergarten – Yamamoto/Fleischer family  Thursday 9/27 7-9

1st – Salzer family Sunday 9/23 5-7

2nd – Meir family Friday 9/28

3rd – Salzer family Saturday 9/29 late afternoon

4th – Cra/Caskey family Thursday 9/20

5th – Houser/Caponigro family Thursday 9/13

Harvest Festival coordinator for 2013 Needed

The Harvest Festival is a great tradition in Piedmont and also a good fundraiser for our school–raising approximately $3,500 per year. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn what’s it’s all about from our two-year veteran coordinators, Anne Marie Miguel, Heather Gonzalez and Tammeil Gilkerson so that you can take over the reins for this fun event next year. If you are interested in considering this important job for next year, please contact Jen Wilson at Thank you!

August 20, 2012

Volunteer signups online–DATA LOST

Early last week we were notified that some of the volunteer signup information that was entered during the online registration process was lost. So if you registered online and checked off your volunteer preferences, we may not know it! If you registered online before Thursday August 16th, your preferences were lost. After that date, the problem was fixed so if not you’re not sure when you registered, or didn’t register, please be sure to indicate your volunteer preferences either by contacting the appropriate committee heads if you know them, or sending your preferences to Bryan Cantrill, BPO vice president at . Thanks!

Join the Beach Parents’ Organization (BPO)!

Membership in the BPO is just $60 and not only goes to support art instruction, science enrichment, assemblies and a math specialist, among other things, it also entitles you to the extremely useful Student Directory, which contains contact information for every student in the school district. New this year: your membership also includes the  online version  of the Student Directory! To join BPO, please complete the membership form and return it to BPO vice president Bryan Cantrill at the address listed, or put the form in the BPO President’s mailbox in the school office.

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