Too busy to cook this Thanksgiving?  Planning a Holiday party at the office?  Market Hall (5%),  Piedmont Grocery (5%), Berkeley Bowl (4%) and Whole Foods (3%) all offer Holiday menus and prepared meals.  Use a Scrip card to make these purchases and support your children’s school.  Black Friday is right around the corner.  If you are planning to shop at Amazon anyway, why not use a gift card at checkout and 3% of your purchase will be donated to the foundation.  Use AmazonSmile, and increase this amount to 3.5%.  If we all participate, this can really add up.

So, what is Scrip…?  Scrip cards are prepaid gift cards that you can use at your favorite stores.  At no extra cost to you, a percentage of the card’s value is donated to the PEF by the vendor.  Each year, the Scrip program raises more than $100,000 for Piedmont schools.  

Scrip can now be ordered online > here.  

Scrip cards can either be ordered online or purchased directly from one of your Beach Scrip reps.  We are on the blacktop at 8:15 every Wednesday morning to fill orders and answer questions about the program.  If you order online, your Scrip cards will be there waiting for you.  For even more convenience, set up a standing monthly order of at least $200, and your Scrip will be delivered to your door!

Please contact Lindsay SaffouriRosemary Sotelo or Ian Kasman and  order Scrip today.

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