Grounds & Garden

Beach Edible Garden started as a parent-led project with the support of our faculty and administration. After the school seismic retrofitting, the edible garden was moved to our present location and rebuilt by the school district and the parent community.

Our working garden is an extension of the classroom, with countless opportunities for teaching and learning experiences.annemarie

All Beach students work in the garden once a month with parent volunteers. The garden lessons have been developed to reinforce and show practical applications of the school science curriculum. They have been adapted to each grade level and encompass a wide range of topics: plant anatomy and physiology, its life cycle and reproduction; weather, soils, ecosystems and nutrition.


Although the parent-led garden program focuses on science, all school subjects can benefit from the garden. Our goal is to see the use of the garden expand to other curriculum areas; where the teachers and students can explore together new ways of learning.

To volunteer in the garden, contact Teresa Satue.

For September’s garden lesson, click here, and here are the garden guidelines.


 Watch the parents and kids hard at work in this amazing stop-motion video of the garden rebuild on October 28, 2012

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