After School Enrichment

Get involved with Beach After School Enrichment!

For years we have offered wonderful after school classes for the kids and they have been popular for a reason!  Kids can be in a rock band, learn to cook exotic Asian food, become a lego designer,  explore their inner detective skills , or they can even come and get their homework done with some beloved Beach teachers.  These are just a small sample of the fabulous classes offered  immediately after school here at Beach.   A chance to spark your kids interest or find out what they love to do and with no need for a carpool!  And did we mention,  this is a huge fundraiser for Beach!  Please help us keep this great Beach tradition alive.

ASE parent volunteers are solely responsible for running Beach After School Enrichment. From choosing and vetting classes to offer, setting the schedule, coordinating room usage and communicating with instructors, advertising classes, setting up registration and acting as registrar, and coordinating and communicating with enrolled families, your fellow parents make it happen, and we could use your help to maintain and improve the program.

Contact for more information or visit

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