Giving Campaign

PUSD spends approximately $11,500 per school year to educate each student and we receive only 58% of these funds from the state and federal government.

The Giving Campaign is critical to our schools.  The Giving Campaign committee is seeking 100% participation from all Beach parents at whatever level you can affordTo this end we are asking that you make a contribution to the Giving Campaign by the end of October. While the official “ask” is $1,000 per student, please give what you can afford.  That can be $10 a month or $5,000.  Every dollar helps.

Give Online Now
Download the Giving Campaign Donor Form

All the money that goes to the Giving Campaign comes back to BPO.  In turn, it funds all that BPO supports:  our art, music, math, science and computer teachers, our library and our assemblies, to name a few things.  If you would like to see exactly what BPO (and thus the Giving Campaign) funds, please let me know and I’d be happy to forward our budget to you.

Please also consider supporting the Giving Campaign with your time.  Again, these are easy ways to help and they are fun as well!  There are multiple ways to participate:
  • There will be a second phone bank on November 13th
  • You can help distribute lawn signs on Nov 19th
  • Talk up the Giving Campaign at local events!  Think soccer games, Halloween parties, etc.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer your time, please contact our Beach Site Representatives for the Giving Campaign, Danielle Collins and Sarah Meyjes.

Visit the Giving Campaign website.

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