After School Enrichment


Spring 2017

Class info :
Spring session runs through May 26. No class March 22 or April 10-14. Thanks for your support!


Click here for Spring 2017 Schedule

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Spring 2017 Classes

After School Enrichment Policies:

Click here for Beach ASE policies

About Beach ASE

The After ­School Enrichment (ASE) program at Beach Elementary School offers fun classes that build kids’ confidence and encourage their creativity and self ­expression. The program is volunteer run, and is a major fundraiser for the Beach Parents’ Organization (BPO), which sponsors it.

Financial assistance, aides and other classroom assistance, transportation for the younger kids, and subsidies for low enrolling classes are offered in order to create a program that is as inclusive as possible.

Get involved

Beach Parents’ Organization/ASE needs you! The Beach Parents’ Organization is looking for a new parent volunteer Coordinator (solo, duo, trio–role can be job shared and others are available to assist) in order to be able to offer a Fall 2017 ASE program.

Beach ASE is entirely volunteer run, and is a major Beach community service as well as fundraiser. We offer roughly 25 classes each session (Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions). Each session runs from 8-10 weeks and enrolls close to 300 kids.

Coordinator Job Description:

Set the schedule. Plan, vet, and confirm After School Enrichment Classes.

Create the brochures and Sportability registration.

Manage registration through the start of classes.

Recruit aides and class assistants.

Create homeroom, ASE, and Schoolmates rosters for start of session.

Manage adds and drops.

Create invoices to pay instructors.

Mediate communication with parents, classes, ASE transporter, Beach administration, BPO, and Schoolmates.

Roles can be shared/delegated to other volunteers at your discretion.

Contact Aaron Barber or Sara Davison DeVries for more information:




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