First BPO Meeting Tue Sep 5

The first BPO meeting is this Tuesday, September 5 from 7-9pm in the Beach Library. All parents are welcome to attend BPO meetings and BPO members are eligible to vote on action items! Future meetings will be held on Monday 10/2 at 7pm, Friday 11/10 at 8:30am, 12/4, 2/5, 3/5, 4/9, 5/7 (Mondays at 7pm).

Monday’s meeting promises to be an informative one.  We will talk more about the BPO, hear from our School Board Representative Amal Smith, get a principal’s report from Michael Corritone and get updates on upcoming events.   

The Beach Parents’ Organization (BPO) is a non-profit membership organization made up of parent volunteers who want to help make our school a great place for all children, and create a strong school community.  If you haven’t already become a member, please join the BPO! You can join by visiting the Piedmont Store at https://piedmontstore.com/, selecting “Beach Parent Organization Membership” icon.  Membership is $65 per family and includes a free student directory. You can also write a check payable to BPO and leave it in the BPO mailbox in the school office.  

While you’re visiting the Piedmont Store why not check out the BPO volunteer opportunities?  BPO is 100% volunteer run so we really appreciate all the help we can get.  “Many hands make light work!”  

A calendar of BPO events and important school dates for 2017-18 and other school calendars are posted on the BPO website at https://beachparents.com/upcoming-events/. The calendars will be updated throughout the year so check back frequently.  

Please feel free to reach out or find me on the blacktop if you have any questions.  

Sara Davison DeVries

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