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Battle of the Bands 6


The Beach Dads Club 6th Annual Battle of the Bands will be Friday, February 10 at the New Parish in Oakland. One of the best nights out of the year. Low key. High energy. Great music, makes one realize how much amazing musical talent we have in the Beach community. Nice way to hang out with some really fun folks and raise money for Beach Elementary. Doesn’t get much better.

The event: Adults 21 and older only. Tickets are $25.
Best deal is to buy tickets ahead at

Opening up the evening, Lucy’s Home Alone, a high school and middle school band made up of Beach alums Rachel Barton, Will and Paul Davies, Ellington Davis and Noah Rosenbaum will play a mix of soulful originals combined with classic and contemporary pop hits. Last year they brought the house down and raised the musical ante.

Then the Battle will begin when last year’s King of Padres, Brian Weiss and Tammy’s Camaro, light up the stage with a dance-worthy set of Rock, Pop, Alternative and Funk hits, b-sides and pretty much anything they think is cool from the 70’s up through today.  Next up, the Puckett Family Project, featuring Tod Puckett (Sophia, 2nd grade, Macy and Ella, 5th grade) will fire up a plugged-in, rocking mix of funk and countrified rock originals. To close the evening,Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!, a four-piece band featuring Aaron Fisher  (Wyatt, 5th Grade, Duncan 2nd, Milo, K)  will play a rousing set  rooted in an early-70’s rock sensibility, featuring songs from Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Meters, and more.

Book the babysitters now. If you’ve never been before, ask someone who went last year. You won’t want to miss it!

Questions, contact Walter Stokes, Beach Dads Club President –

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