4th and 5th Grade Instrumental Music at the Tri-Schools

On Tuesday, August 23, the Tri-Schools, in conjunction with Chime, gave an overview of the updated 4th and 5th grade Instrumental music program happening at all three elementary schools at a kick off Family Music Evening at Havens, Ellen Driscoll Auditorium.

Fourth graders will have the opportunity to choose between a violin class or a band class which includes flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.  In fifth grade, students will be grouped according to instrumental families.  String players will have the opportunity to have an orchestral experience.  Violin, viola, and ‘cello will be offered based upon teacher recommendation and student interest.  Flute and clarinet will be taught separately while trumpet and trombone will be grouped together, once again based upon teacher recommendation and student interest.

At the kick off, parents were able to meet the music teachers at all the schools, hear about their love of music and why they enjoy teaching children, and were treated to performances from a few of the teachers at the end.  Our kids are very lucky to have these dedicated and passionate instructors in their lives.

Spring Fling’s Fund-A-Need raised an amazing $50K+ for our Tri-School’s music program which funded the repairing of damaged instruments as well as purchasing many new instruments!  However,  we are still short some instruments so that all 4th and 5th graders in the district can participate in class and practice at home.  If needed, there are local stores in the area where students and parents can rent instruments.

Thank you to our staff and instrumental music program educators for their time and sharing their talents with us that evening.

In addition to instrumental music, students will be receiving 50 minutes of vocal music every other week. Over the next few weeks more specific information will be sent home regarding the instrumental music program, and your child’s instrument.

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