Beach Capital Campaign Donor Tile Wall Unveiled

On August 18th, the Beach School Capital Campaign donor tile wall was unveiled! Our new principal, Michael Corritone, was present to cut the ribbon.  The crowd was treated to a unique and beautiful display of tiles set in a peaceful woodland scene complete with herons, turtles, ducks, fish, leaves, and lily pads.  


The tile committee was led by Pear Michaels and included Heather Chan, Lindsay Saffouri, Christine Schooley, Keira Williams, and Valerie Villanueva.  They were invaluable in helping recruit donations, coordinate the donors’ tile choices, manage inscription requests and verify accounting, as well as keeping in communication with the school, BPO and donors.

Pear designed the scene and Heather helped redraft and redesign through multiple iterations as donors grew. Pear found the tile maker, Diane Holycross, who specializes in custom botanical and wildlife tiles for fundraisers.  She created the tiles on a farm studio in upstate New York.

Once the tiles arrived and final layout was perfected, parent helpers and Beach teacher Tracy Broback began installing the tiles. The “Heron Crew,” Karen Markopoulos and Christina Hsla laid the birds, and Cindy Wire and Ashley Ronen worked several days laying more tiles. Many other parents helped as well. A master plasterer, Ramon Garcia, was hired to fill in the open space with pigmented stucco to match the school exterior. As is clear from the stunning final result, many loving hands and generous donors helped complete this masterpiece.


Along with the 2012 Capital Campaign, $190K was raised. These funds allowed countless improvements to the Beach school grounds during the seismic retrofit. Beach as we know and love it today would not be the same without the generosity of this fundraising drive. Contributions bought us the hardscaping, the edible garden, trees, general landscaping, the water hardscape by the Kindergarten Rooms, the echo garden, the brick & walkway at the edge of playground, the benches, and umbrellas.  The money also helped with the theater improvements for lighting, electrical, soundboard, auditorium chairs and even classroom furniture.

Thank you to everyone who holds Beach dear to their heart. Without your support, contributions, time and hard work, this beautiful mural never would have come to life.

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