From the Kids

Fresh Perspectives on Beach’s Past, Present and Future.

To commemorate Beach’s 100th Centennial, Piedmont’s Post’s Answer Man visited our classrooms and asked students for their perspectives on the school’s history and future. Post_Beach

Meghan Snyder’s second graders were asked: “What will your school be like in another 100 years?”

Ms. Lee’s fourth graders were asked: “What do you think your school was like 100 years ago when it opened?”

Mrs. Rhinehart’s first graders were asked: “What would you put in a time capsule about the school for people to find 100 years from now?” 

Answers range from the whimsical to insightful, and the whole Beach community has enjoyed seeing the kids’ answers in the Post. Three cheers for the Piedmont Post for making this a fun and engaging part of our Centennial year.

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