Beach Gardens Cleaned and Planted

img_1901Leaf it’ to the Beach community to shine once again. 36 intrepid souls braved the frigid temps last Sunday to help rake, prune, plant and mulch the grounds of Egbert W. Beach, and it looks amazing! Big thanks to Anne Hauss and John Gibbs for their stewardship of the garden and grounds – these jewels of our environment – and to all the others that brought their rakes and snacks and green thumbs to help out. 
Timed perfectly after the recent storms denuded Lake Street trees of all but their most stubborn leaves, rakers of all ages filled many bags, mulchers emptied many bags, and new plantings went in near the lunch and main stairwell areas on the north side of the school. This biannual cleanup should keep the school looking tidy through the winter and into the spring when we’ll have another event for those that missed the fun this time.


Special thank you to Pedro who had the school in pretty darn good shape to begin with!
Phil Lorin
Beach Dad’s Club President

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