Stunning Donor Tile Scene Taking Shape

The tile scene honoring the generous donations to the Beach School Capital Campaign is slated to be installed this summer.  It will be located across the exterior wall on the Lake Ave auditorium side of the building. The flora and fauna will be local species including blue herons and wild echinacea flowers.  Leaves from Piedmont trees were sent to the artisan.
Donors will be contacted via email for the unveiling.  The final scene design by Beach parent Pear Michaels is shown below.  The artisan, Diane Holycross, forms and fires all her pieces individually on her farm studio in upstate New York.  They will be shipped to the school and installed by parent volunteers coordinated by Beach third grade teacher and mosaic artist, Tracy Broback.
If you are interested in seeing examples of Holycross’s pieces visit her website at http://tileswithstyle.com/.  If you are interested in helping install the scene, contact Pear Michaels @ pearmichaels@gmail.com or Tracy Broback @ tbroback@piedmont.k12.ca.us for more details.
Thank you to all who participated in the Beach Capital Campaign!


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