Beach Edible Garden is back. Check out the video!

On a cool Sunday in October, a group of very hard working Beach parents and Beach children (led by Bob Houser and John Gibbs) rebuilt the Beach Edible Garden. In keeping with our community values, Bob was able to procure reclaimed redwood to build our garden beds. We also added plants in the Eco-lab area, please be careful no to step on them, they’ll grow into beautiful plants that will add color and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. A big thank you to John Gibbs and Stephanie Pearson, who did all the design work and spent countless hours following up on the progress with our school grounds. We can be very proud to be part of the Beach School Community. Thank you all for making the Beach Garden a reality!  Additional thanks to those business that helped the garden build with supplies:

Danielle Nestore, who secured a donation of wood chips from Green Waste Recycle Yard in Berkeley, free delivery included.  Acapulco Rock & Soil for discounted soil, Bolt Depot for discounted hardware, and John Torrens, a garden bed builder in Petaluma, for all the reclaimed lumber that he planed, cut to size and delivered.

Beach parents spent Sunday, October 28th, putting the finishing touches on the edible garden, rebuilt during the recent Beach Elementary School renovation. Parents constructed raised beds and prepare them for planting. Other activities included installing plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies in the “Eco-lab” garden and making signs.

The Beach school community worked together over the last two years to reimagine, design and fundraise for a replacement edible garden to facilitate the popular hands on science curriculum. The garden construction showcases sustainable materials such as planters made out of redwood reclaimed from old decks and fences which is more cost effective and sustainable for our environment. Beach parent Teresa Satue said, “As a teaching facility, the planters themselves are as much a part of the lesson as will be the vegetables and the act of growing them.”

Beach students will begin lessons in their new garden in early November.

Thanks to the volunteers who attended the Garden Work Day!

Maury Beck
Austin Beck
Reece Beck
Sara Brose
Brett Byers
Larry Drumm
Dan Cavenaugh
Jen Cavenaugh
Jackson Cavenaugh
Kurt Fleischer
Toby Fleischer
Ella Fleischer
Lena Fleischer
John Gibbs
Fisher Gibbs
Anne Marie Gibbs
Julie Hill Barton
Joe Phillips
Dave Ragones
Ray Holmes
Raydan Holmes
Kirk Markopolous
Peter Udovch
Bob Houser
Tim Wright
Danielle Nestore
Raina Nestore
Dion and Amy Lim
Teresa Satue
Stephanie Pearson
Rose Seimers
Aaron Somers-Satue
Luis Somers-Satue
John Woodley

Watch the amazing time-lapse video of the day’s work, courtesy of Bob Houser.

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